Since 1986, Fakhoury Motors has combined skilled workmanship and superior material to refashion luxury cars with extraordinary precision. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our services.

    At Fakhoury Motors, taking on challenges is our mission and we will always strive to develop exclusive options to make the search for your dream car possible.

    We take great pride in understanding and appreciating the beauty, joy and power of high-end performance vehicles and hope to share that with you along for the vague top notch services we provide in this section.


    In this section we delve into the brilliance of BRABUS – the creators of automotive wonders. As official dealers of Brabus, we bring to you tuning at its lavishness.

    Brabus has individualized the performance, design, and style of Mercedes-Benz cars. At Fakhoury Motors, our customers can choose anything they want to achieve their needs, from performance upgrades, interior styling to body upgrades

    If you know cars, you’ll love this. And if you don’t know cars, your jaw will drop at their sheer brilliance.


    We are also the official dealers of the upscale tuning luxurious company; STARTECH-the iconic cue that defines; pure; prestige and dynamic look that offers a tempting driving sense -as Fakhoury Motors uncovers at all times their latest development.

    Startech perfectly transfers the philosophy of exclusive refinement to the automobiles from Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover with professionally engineered components manufactured to the highest quality standards using state-of-the-art technology.


    At Fakhoury Motors, your business is VIP; our high end custom made business van allows you to conduct your business in a comfortable and luxurious environment while on the road. The interior will be designed towards your requirements. You can use your precious time meaningful during long trips or in dense urban traffic.

    Thanks to the latest conferencing equipment phone- and video conferences with business partners or customers can be held any time. Watch the latest news from around the world on your LED TV; relax with the excellent entertainment system watching a movie. Leather-upholstered, tailored and air-conditioned seats allow for maximum comfort during long journeys. Many functions can be conveniently controlled through the integrated touch screen of an iPhone or iPad.

    Skill, expertise, uniqueness and individuality – all aspects you will find in our VIP Luxury Vans. Each vehicle is unique and bears the unmistakable fingerprint of our philosophy of top quality and reliability. Our solutions are technically sophisticated, practical and have a high standard for design.

    It is our goal to craft a masterpiece out of every single van, so that our customers are provided with a loyal partner providing all the required duties.


    Fakhoury Motors in collaboration with Fabco Security have been in the armored industry since long time, we became leading suppliers of custom designed armored cars, and luxury bullet proof vehicles, nevertheless whether your organization requires an armored personnel carrier (APC) or an armored passenger vehicle (APV); we do meet at the standards! Our constant aim is to excel in delivering value and quality to our clients as an innovative and dynamic armored car company that meets and exceeds the world’s growing demand for security.

    We; as well are committed to leadership in the security market by providing the highest quality of protective vests, bullet proof jackets, and all kinds of security-relevant requirements and services; we provide you protection from A to Z

    Our team consists of professional and experienced people, custom-designing your needs, by using the latest technology, best protection-insured services and well robust materials while armoring vehicles to fit our clients’ needs

    We are always ready to support our clients; over the years we, Fakhoury Motors in collaboration with Fabco Security are known by our distinguished after-sales service/coordination to our loyal customers, we make sure to maintain a long term customer relationship, with continuing support!

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